Gunner orders: WORM


Position C: Number 2 steps obliquely to the left with the left foot and brings the right foot square therewith and introduces the worm onto the tube. Number 3 keeps the vent stopped. Number 2 runs the worm down the tube seating it at the breach. He turns the worm two or more times, in order to pick up any debris, which may be in the tube. After turning the worm, number 2 withdraws the worm slowly extracting whatever the worm has picked up. He may re-worm if there is any indication that debris is left in the lube. When the task has been completed, Number 2 returns to his post, announces that the step as been accomplished, places the worm either on its stand or with the head upon the axle and the shaft running toward the front of the gun, parallel to the barrel (Note: for those crews choosing to use a separate implement to "dry sponge" Number 2 would now place the worm down and take the dry sponge).


Number 2 reports: WORMED


Gunner orders: SPONGE (or WET and DRY SPONGE if appropriate)

Number 1 steps obliquely to the right with the right foot and brings the left foot square therewith and places the sponge down the tube pushing it all the way to the breach. Number 1 turns the sponge twice. The sponge is then withdrawn completely.

Number 1 reports: WET SPONGED

Number 1 or Number 2 then repeats the entire sponging step, so there will be two distinct sponging steps performed. (Note: a separate dry sponge may be used.) If Number 2 is utilized to complete this process, he steps obliquely to the right with the right foot and brings the left foot square therewith. He runs the sponge down the tube pushing it all the way to the breach. Number 2 turns the sponge twice, and then withdraws it halfway, where he turns it once, then reseats the sponge to the breach and again turns it twice. The sponge is then withdrawn completely. Having accomplished the task, Number 2 returns to his post and announces DRY SPONGED. Number 1 then spins the sponge around and taps the underside of the barrel twice with the head of the rammer. He places the rammer on the edge of the muzzle, the rammer staff extending horizontally to the right side of the tube. This signals that sponging is complete and the tube and the crew are ready for the round.

(If Number 1 completes both the wet and dry sponging steps, he will report SPONGED)


Satisfied that the gun tube is clean and that the vent is stopped, the Gunner initiates the loading of the cartridge.



                                                          (This order starts a series of actions at both the gun and the limber.)


Position D: Number 5 walks from his post at the end of the limber pole to the limber chest to receive the cartridge. Number 7 opens the chest and holds the cover. Number 6 selects the cartridge and, assisted by Number 7, removes and stores the packaging. Number 6 places the cartridge in the haversack carried by Number 5. Number 7 closes the chest cover. Number 5 advances the cartridge to the Gunner who inspects the content of the haversack, looking for loose powder. All being as specified, Number 5 advances to Number 2 via a route to the outside of Number 4. While Number 5 obtains the cartridge, Number 2 places his implement in its stand (or upon the axle as previously described) and positions himself inside the wheel with his back to the gun tube. Number 5 stations himself outside the wheel opposite Number 2. Number 5 opens the haversack and lifts it so that Number 2 may reach into it to obtain the cartridge. Taking the cartridge, Number 2 turns to his left, counterclockwise, and inserts the cartridge into the muzzle, ensuring that

it is properly placed for the rammer. Number 5 moves to his original post after delivering the cartridge, again traveling on the outside of Number 4.

Number 2 now returns to his original post, takes up the worm and announces that the task has been completed.  (NOTE: In some areas number 2 is expected to place his implement on the hub at this time. This will signal that there is a load in the tube and ready to be seated.)


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